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Buy New Homes San Diego is {fill in!} Why limit your new home search by city, by bedroom count, or by any other search restriction? The one thing you know for sure if your home buying budget – but the rest is flexible! 

There are lots of advantages to buying a newly-constructed home versus an older home. Why inherit a previous homeowner’s tastes, lifestyle, and maintenance problems, when you can choose a new home that is uniquely yours? Advantages include financial benefits, enhanced lifestyle, energy efficiencies and design flexibility.  Learn more about ‘Why Buy New?‘.

Determining your budget is the first step in your new home buying journey.  You will need to… {fill in}

New Homes available for sale allow for more personalization in the home – as it is in the construction process!  This may include more kitchen customizations like countertop and cabinet selections, flooring options, home technology additions, and more.  It just depends on the construction stage of the home and what the builder is offering. 

Typically, a New Home that is a “Quick Close’ is a home that can close escrow within a 30-90 day period. Because the new home is closer to completion, there are fewer personalization options.  Quick close homes are perfector for anyone looking to move into a new home, well, quickly!

‘Coming Soon’ New Homes are not available for sale – yet! We anticipate them coming to market within 90 days. Homes that are coming soon may allow for much more personalization in the home as they are most likely, just being constructed. Register to be one of the first to know when it is available to buy. 

Stephanie, our Customer Concierge, who will be happy to assist you. Please visit our contact page.  [hyperlink contact once it is built]

Please contact us {HYPERLINK ONCE BUILT} and will be happy to assist you with anything you may need regarding your new home buying journey.